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My Grandparents were onto something when they gave me my first camera as a child. Thanks to that gift, I’ve taken hundreds of thousands of pictures since. In the process, I've gotten real tight with the right side of my brain, which gives me a unique perspective on the subjects I photograph.

My life has been interesting to say the least—here’s part of my story….

I love people, animals (especially dogs), travel, food and most of all, my two teenage boys. An Ohio native, I have lived in Indiana, Arizona, California & Texas. My travels have taken me to 48 States, 13 countries, Hawaii, and islands throughout the Caribbean and Antilles and it’s been a wild ride!

On the adventurous side, I’ve ridden rodeo in Wyoming, swam with dolphins in Mexico, heli-skied in Canada, flown in a seaplane to Bimini, hiked atop Masada in Israel, prayed at the Western Wall, raced motocross, driven NASCAR, hiked all 387 steps to the top of Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, picked grapes in Carmel Valley, bamboo rafted the Rio Grande in Jamaica, and zodiac boated with whales in Hawaii.

I’ve played Elvis in Las Vegas, toured the infamous Mustang Ranch, bungie jumped, got my pilot's license at 16, rode a donkey to the Citadel mountaintop fortress in Haiti and helicoptered into the Grand Canyon. I have traveled the country in everything from a clunker to a private jet, and have come to appreciate every mile.

I have been to the Super Bowl (go Bengals!), The World Series, The Kentucky Derby, The Indianapolis 500 and slid the Olympic Bobsled Course near Salt Lake City. Delores Hope (Bob’s wife) was one of my babysitters. I’ve seen the Beatles, twice (yes, I was in diapers).


Where careers are concerned…I have been to college, worked graveyard shift in a 7-Eleven, hobnobbed with celebrities driving limo’s in L.A., where I got a $1000 tip from Kuwait royalty and was stiffed by Calvin Klein, sold commercial real estate & “Sham Wow’s” way before the wow, been a beach boy in Miami, taught aerobics and had my “Chili Dan” Award Winning Chili sold in a large grocery chain after qualifying for the world championship twice. I’ve had my own production company , studied acting with Lee Strasberg, produced live theater and a touring live comedy show, sold knives & cable tv door to door(not at the same time), owned a piece of an oil well in Louisiana, and played on Battlestar Galactica at the Universal Studios Tour in Hollywood.

I’ve been slapped on the hand a few times, been in the back of a police cruiser, paddled by my elementary school principal , had a case shot down by the US Supreme Court and rear ended by a bus twice. I crashed the Academy Awards and got thrown out. My back has endured 3 surgeries, my shoulder and wrist 1 each. I had an eagle tatoo and had it removed. I’m sure I have lost and found more than 1000 lbs over the years and I still follow my huge sweet tooth’s lead. My head has been ponytailed as well as bald and everything in between.

I graduated from Culver Military Academy where I met my closest and dearest friends to this day. We have wake surfed, picked Indiana sweet corn, and still play on the shores of Lake Maxinkukee as much as possible. We have journeyed to San Francisco for a wedding and watched the NY Yankees play in Tampa from The Steinbrenner’s private box. We have been seen after hours on the streets of Chicago more than once!

I’ve been married, divorced, married, divorced, embraced parenting, coached football, baseball, basketball, built a theater at our elementary school and serve as video director for our varsity D1 football team.

I have stumbled, fallen down, and gotten back up, laughed and cried (a lot!). I’ve experienced the joy of watching my two son’s being born and the crushing sadness of my father dying in my arms. My 1st born is  30 and lives in Denver with his girlfriend. His younger brother is 27 and  lives in Columbus, OH.


I truly have been blessed to experience so much and really have grown to appreciate all that our great world has to offer. I have dined with executives & royalty and sipped wine with homeless and learned from both. The best part is that I have been afforded the opportunity to make a difference in a few peoples’ lives, which is really what our existence is all about.

Finally, I’ll let my photos speak for themselves (I am out of breath!).

Let life captivate you. And I’ll be here to help capture your experience!

…in the herd of life, don’t settle following the tail in front of you going “mooo” like all the others. Be Different, Make a Difference, Dare to Dream, be at the Front of the pack and blaze a trail for others to follow! …djs

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